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Cleaning and maintenance of apartments, villas, houses, flats, business premises

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Cleaning Services and Apartment Maintenance
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TEUTA, Cleaning Services and Facility Maintenance Company 


TEUTA Company specializes in cleaning and maintaining all kinds of facilities, be it flats, houses, villas, or apartments, and we operate primarily in the Korčula area. 

Our many years of experience in services of cleaning and maintain homes and offices guarantee our high-quality, permanent results; and, above all, a fair service. These, among other things, include minor repair services and maintenance of green areas. We pride ourselves most on our employees, who attach a great value to privacy and discretion just as much as we do.

Facility Maintenace 


Each facility, whether vacant or not, needs regular maintenance. Though there may not be anyone living in it at the moment, the facility has a “life” of its own.

It needs someone to check the installations frequently, let the water run through the water and gas systems, do the minor repairs, open the windows and curtains, read the meter, take care of the plants and green areas, collect the mail and pay the bills.

Without these maintaining hands, each facility is doomed to lose its value and deteriorate, but not so fast; we are here to lend you ours and stop the vicious cycle!

Facility Cleaning

Even a vacant facility must be occasionally cleaned. Regular cleaning of the property keeps its value intact, reducing the potential damage and loss of property value.

The common problems include ants, cockroaches, and mice infestation, be it in houses or apartments and flats. Regular cleaning and visiting contribute to spotting the infestation early and taking the necessary control measures to stop the damage before it is too late.

Our Services


Cleaning Services

– Residential/Business Premises Housekeeping
– Residential/Business Premises Cleaning
– Emptying Bins
– One-Time or Recurring Cleaning Services


Maintenance Services

– Inspections and Testing of Electrical, Gas and Plumbing Systems
– Arranging, Conducting and Supervising Repairs and Upgrades 
– Reading of Household Water, Electricity and Gas Meters
– Additional Services Upon Request


Facility Preservation

– Facility Inspection (Interior/Exterior)
– Bill Payment (confirmation provided to the owner)
– Collecting Mail
– Regularly Visiting the Facility

Why choose us?

Years of Experience

In this business, a long tradition guarantees the quality. Having had many clients, we are very proud of our long-standing collaborations!

Total Discretion

Our employees come to your facility whenever is most convenient for you, and we always fully adopt to your needs! We consider all the belongings and events we might encounter in your home or office our biggest secret!


Each member of our team is extremely professional and we tend to pay much attention to keeping to our arrangements. We believe professionalism is a must in our business, and we want to give our best to meet your needs!

All Necessary Tools and Equipment

We come to your home fully equipped. We bring all the tools and equipment we need to get the job done, and we carry out the arranged work independently! 

Description of Cleaning/Maintenance Services

Sweeping or Vacuuming Floors

Window and Glass Cleaning

Cleaning of Counters, Lobbies, Pantries, etc.

Mopping Floors

Bathroom Cleaning and Sanitation

Emptying bins

Desk Cleaning (with the consent of the owner)

Kitchen Cleaning and Sanitation

Cobweb Removal

Refreshing and Cleaning Rooms, Plant Watering (when needed)

More Services Available upon Request

Dusting Furniture, Shelves, Picture Frames, Countertops, IT Equipment, Heating Devices

Satisfied Clients Reviews

Since we are currently living abroad, we have no possibility of visiting our seaside facility, and TEUTA has made it possible for us. Collaboration comes easy to them; they meet the arranged deadlines and respect privacy. They are always available and have been maintaining our facility for years, I would recommend them to everyone!”

TEUTA has been maintaining our business premises for years and we greatly appreciate this collaboration. Their employees bring all necessary “tools,” and are always punctual, leaving all areas polished and shiny.

“We had many troubles finding the right cleaners, since we had many horrible experiences that made the maintenance of our apartments a living nightmare, until we came across TEUTA. After that, we decided to leave all our maintenance and cleaning needs to professionals, who are truly pleasant people and with them, everything is negotiable!”


For more information about prices, please call +385 92 387 5659

The needs of each facility and client vary greatly, so we send a quote exclusively upon request

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are TEUTA'S business hours?

TEUTA cleaning company is open Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Do you provide emergency cleaning services?

Yes. Our team of cleaning technicians is ready to head for an emergency cleaning at any time!

Where is your company located?

Our company is headquartered in 61 Eleven Street, Vela Luka, Korčula, Croatia.

Do you provide reccuring cleaning services?

Yes! TEUTA Company provides the service of recurring cleaning for your property, be it a flat, house, villa, apartment, business premise etc. Call us and request a quote!

Are your services available outside Korčula?

Yes. TEUTA Company operates mainly in Korčula, but also in the following counties: 

Primorje-Gorski kotar County
Lika-Senj County
Zadar County
Šibenik-Knin County

Split-Dalmatia County
Dubrovnik Neretva County

092/ 387 56 59

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